CPR Invest - Education
ISIN code : LU1861294319
Asset class : EQUITIES WORLD
Recommended investment timeline : >5 Years

CPR Invest Education - The good equation to combine return potential with responsibilityA universal theme following us throughout our lives. An ecosystem relying on 3 educative pillars. An ESG approach for a responsible investing in education.

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CPR Invest - Education selects companies involved in education in the broad sense of the theme from schools at all levels (academic) to professional integration, through educational content & tools and students services that benefit from the growth potential linked to the challenges within the theme.Its objective is to outperform global equity markets over a long-term period (minimum of five years) by investing in international equities involved in the entire education ecosystem, in line with the 4th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).


Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances of the funds and of the funds manager.