Tuesday 29 March 2022


Greenflation, fossilflation, climateflation? What does this mean? - Trends Under the Macroscope #31 

Welcome to Trends under the Macroscope”, the new Macro series from CPR AM dedicated to Megatrends!
CPR AM is pleased to present its new audio meeting "Trends under the Macroscope".
Discover Bastien Drut, Head of Thematic Macro Strategy, and his Macroscope on the major transformations of the economy, macro, climate and social issues most likely to affect our investment processes.

Listen Episode 31 - Greenflation, fossilflation, climateflation? What does this mean?

Energy prices have risen very sharply recently, and even before Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We hear more and more about greenflation, fossilflation, climateflation, etc. We try to clarify these terms and see what they correspond to in practice, in order to get an idea of the reaction of central banks.    

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