EDUCATION - Annual Impact Report 2019

CPR AM is a thematic investing pioneer, as we can see from the launching of its Silver Age strategy in 2009. The company draws on the century’s key trends to transform them into investment themes that deliver long-term growth. Such growth is now impossible without including a responsible aspect, as shown by the growing demand from both institutional and private investors. Part of our role as asset manager is to use our influence with companies to improve their environmental, social and governance practices.

With the launch of CPR Invest - Education in October 2018, CPR AM made clear its ambition to address the social aspect of responsible investing. It is also the first listed fund to propose an investment solution dedicated to lifelong learning.

This report explains the educational objectives that underpin the fund’s philosophy, the comprehensive responsible approach that we have developed, and the methodology applied to the impact data and results for the fund’s first anniversary.



1 - Challenges & investment philosophy
2 - A 360° responsible approach
3 - Methodology and impact data
4 - Universe profile and stocks stories
5 - ESG profile, vote & engagement

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