CLIMATE ACTION - Annual Impact Report



In our industry, asset management, the environmental aspect has contributed to the rise of ESG issues in recent years, particularly as a result of regulation. In France, which has been at the vanguard of this trend, Article 173 of the Law on the energy transition has been in force since 2016. It is likely to form a European benchmark in the taxonomy and reporting of sustainability risks in years to come. Such regulations will encourage companies to be transparent about their practices, and push them to improve and harmonise environmental data. Now that climate risk affects a company’s valuation as much as financial risk, our fiduciary responsibility demands that we take it into account. Furthermore, we believe that every industry should be encouraged to take steps forward, including the most polluting ones, which must rethink their operating models in order to ensure a just transition.

This is the genesis of CPR Invest - Climate Action which was launched in December 2018 and fully benefiting from the expertise of CDP through an exclusive partnership. Since we are very demanding in terms of transparency toward companies, we impose the same requirements of transparency on ourselves. Therefore, we are proud to publish the fund’s last annual impact report. It complements the carbon reporting that we have been publishing on a monthly basis since the launch of the fund.

By offering engaged solutions for every asset class in the fight against global warming along with exceptional service, CPR AM positions itself as the investor’s climate partner.



  • ATargettieng 1.5°C, mission impossible ?
  • An investment philosophy in line with the Paris agreement trajectory
  • The “Climate Action” investment universe
  • The robustness of our methodology is confirmed by the results
  • Concrete actions taken by companies in the portfolio
  • Temperature, the new "climate" measurement tool for a portfolio
  • Engagement policy, voting and dialogue
  • Thematic engagement

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