Monday 15 November 2021

Press release

CPR AM innovates by launching a new climate investment theme for hydrogen, as a contribution to achieving a net-zero economy  

London, 15 November 2021 – CPR AM, a subsidiary of the largest European asset manager Amundi, is preparing to launch an innovative thematic global equity investment strategy dedicated to the hydrogen value chain, a major goal for the global energy transition. This innovation is in line with the commitments that the Crédit Agricole group, to which Amundi and its subsidiary CPR AM belong, announced at the Climate Finance Day 2021 event and which aim in particular to intensify the mobilization of all of the group's businesses and entities for the financing of the energy transition. The management of this new theme, in accordance with the requirements of article 9 of the European regulation known as Sustainable Finance Disclosure (SFDR), will integrate ESG criteria and a process of improved impact indicators over time. Investors will be able to access this strategy through a UCITS created at the end of the year.

The aim of this strategy is to support the significant growth of the hydrogen economy. This energy vector, recognized as innovative and essential for achieving carbon neutrality, benefits from very high levels of investment from private and public actors[1]. CPR AM is convinced that hydrogen will play a leading role in the energy transition and that, by 2050, should represent 17% of energy demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a third[2].

The investment universe of this new theme will consist of the entire hydrogen ecosystem, from upstream (with green energies) to downstream (various users such as automotive and rail industries), through storage and distribution, which will give it good diversity.

The launch of this thematic strategy focused on hydrogen will enrich CPR AM’s climate expertise of nearly €2 billion in assets3 across all asset classes, via low-carbon and carbon offsetting investment solutions, for investors eager to contribute to the financing of the energy transition. This launch takes also part in the expansion of a thematic range that brings together 12 investment themes, including 4 with an impact strategy, representing more than €20 billion in assets[3].

Vafa Ahmadi, Head of Global Thematic Equities and Managing Director at CPR AM, says:

Hydrogen is an integral part of the solution to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and constitutes a true energy revolution. An ecosystem that is already investable is being set up and has significant growth potential. We are proud to be among the first on the market to invest in this theme of the future, and to do so through conviction-based management and an impact approach.


Two articles on hydrogen are available on , CPR AM’s website dedicated to megatrends:

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Further information:

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Ø  Watch the video “What is carbon neutrality?“, here .

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Ø  Read the "Climate Solutions" section of the CPR AM website here .


[1] Hydrogen Council, “Hydrogen investment pipeline grows to $500 billion in response to government commitments to deep decarbonisation”, July 2021

[2] ETC (Energy Transition Commission), “Making the Hydrogen Economy Possible”, April 2021

[3] As at the end of September 2021

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