Responsible investment is one of its founding pillars and ESG remains an essential commitment. With more than €8 billion under management, the company is committed to selecting investments according to a specific methodology to take into account ESG risk factors and impact measures deployed on a range of dedicated solutions and open-ended products for all asset classes.

Since the creation of CPR AM, we have been committed to providing innovative, robust, adaptable solutions that deliver sustainable performance.


01. Foreword & introduction

02. New developments in ESG integration practices

By Agnès Lossi and Emmanuel Parmentier, Partners of INDEFI

03. Summary of the research by INDEFI

By Agnès Lossi and Emmanuel Parmentier, Partners of INDEFI

04. ESG: innovation and financial materiality

By Valérie Baudson, Chief Executive Officer CPR AM

05. ESG, an innovative approach incorporating risk

By Arnaud Faller, Deputy CIO and Chief Investment Manager CPR AM

06. ESG: shaping the new normal for active managers

By Tegwen Le Berthe, Senior Equity investment specialist, Head of ESG Development and by Catherine Crozat,Analyst Quantitative Research CPR AM

07. Why we are transforming our multi-factor equity investment range

By Cyrille Collet, Head of Quantitative Equity Investments and by David Usemma, Research Engineer, Head of Equity Projects CPR AM

08. The risk-based ESG approach applied to the credit universe

By Antoine Gougeon, Research Engineer CPR AM

09. ESG: managing the transition

By Vincent Artigouha, Head of Institutional Investment Solutions CPR AM